CDO Vacation: Lunch At Yellow Cab Pizza

We were invited by Tita Cindy ( my sister's SIL)  to a lunch one afternoon at Yellow Cab Pizza, SM City Branch during our Cagayan de Oro sojourn. Since SM City is just  a 5-minute jeepney ride from my sister's place so off we go! 

And this is what Tita Cindy have for us that day....

Four Seasons Pizza... mixture of NY Classic, #4 Cheese, Anchovy Lovers, Roasted Garlic & Shrimp
Fleet Starters...hot chicken  wings,  baked potato wedges and  crunchy tortilla chips
dips! tomato salsa and mayo...

Soda in Can...

And for dessert...chocolate ice cream!

With all of these on the table, I think there is no need for me to say how we felt after that scrumptious lunch at Yellow Cab. Super thank you Tita Cindy. Bella really enjoyed her share.



Ludy's Siomai In Cagayan De Oro

If you have read about my Xavier Days post  in my other blog, this is  the siomai that I've been telling you about. I consider every opportunity to eat Siomai from Ludy's as one my luckiest and happiest moments during our Cagayan de Oro vacation. Yeah, unbelievably true!

Ludy's Siomai has this distinct taste that could not be found in any other siomai. I am a certified Siomaholic or Siomai Addict,  whatever you call a person who couldn't resist eating any kind of siomai anytime, anywhere. I just love siomai... what can I do? Siomai from Ludy's  is truly delicious and extraordinary. I can still remember how it tasted and who would ever forget Ludy's Siomai especially when you have already tasted one? 

And right at this very moment, I am drooling  and craving like a pregnant woman by  simply looking at these photos...

A bunch of Siomai from the Ludy's... Happy Me!
One set (3 pieces) costs only P20.00... Isn't affordable?
Siomai Cart at Xavier University Campus
The siomai from Ludy's are made even delightful with their very own special hot sauce. When you think of trying Ludy's Siomai , please be ready to forget your diet because you'll surely wouldn't get enough. You will definitely bring home some more even if you are already full. I'm serious!

You can find Ludy's Siomai at their main branch at Pabayo Street near Divisoria. They also have carts at Xavier Grade School, Xavier University Campus and Capitol University. They are accepting bulk orders and mind you, they also have the best Tapioca in town. You may call +639328665077.

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