Lunch at Mandarin Tea Garden

Hubby and I  both love Chinese food. We used to frequent most of the Chinese Restaurants here in the city when I was still working at the downtown area. But now that I already have Bella,  we can only eat out or even go out on a date "when necessary." It means that being on a date is only a side trip to our intended purpose of going out.

Speaking of  "necessary", hubby took a leave from work last week to finalize some transactions with the bank. Since the occasion calls for it, before heading home hubby and I ate the "necessary" lunch at the nearby branch of Mandarin Tea Garden.

I ordered Pork Asado Rice Toppings while hubby ordered his ever-favorite Beef Brisket Rice Toppings. We also added Pork Siomai to our order.

Pork Asado Rice

Beef Brisket Rice


We were so full and  very delighted with our lunch and of course very happy with the opportunity to go on a "date" even just for a while. We did a little shopping  for Bella  and have his cellular phone repaired before going home.


Pork Adobo with Pineapple Chunks

This is one of my mom's  specialty recipe. I was out that day so I didn't have the chance to see how she cook her Pork Adobo with Pineapple Chunks. I think this is just a usual Pork Adobo  recipe but with a twist of Pineapple chunks which made this dish very appetizing.

best served with rice

pork adobo without the chunks for my hubby

 My hubby doesn't really like the pineapple but  I so love it. The sweet and sour combination of pork adobo and pineapple is just so perfect for my palate. Macky has even eaten  what's left on his Tito Bren's share. Good job mother and thank you for cooking with TLC.


McDonald's Treat

I seldom went out to shop or buy anything in the mall but when I do I usually make the most of it. Just the other day, I needed to go to the  downtown area to pay for our internet bill and since I was already there,  I took sometime to shop and buy some stuff for Bella and Macky. It was a hot afternoon so I stopped by at my fave fastfood chain to refresh. 

And here's what I have for myself.... 

Burger Mcdo (M) and Hot Fudge Sundae

My best buddy Exper was also very full with her McSpaghetti and Burger Mcdo. We couldn't eat  all our orders so we both decided to bring home the burgers.


Homemade Lechon Manok

Bella has turned nine months last week  and it has been a family practice to prepare a little something for her every time she celebrates her monthly birthdays. Mama and Papa  being the household chefs wanted to cook something they haven't done before. And guess what it is? A homemade lechon manok!

Daddy's finished product! Deliciously made... No need for more sauce!




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