Pork Adobo with Pineapple Chunks

This is one of my mom's  specialty recipe. I was out that day so I didn't have the chance to see how she cook her Pork Adobo with Pineapple Chunks. I think this is just a usual Pork Adobo  recipe but with a twist of Pineapple chunks which made this dish very appetizing.

best served with rice

pork adobo without the chunks for my hubby

 My hubby doesn't really like the pineapple but  I so love it. The sweet and sour combination of pork adobo and pineapple is just so perfect for my palate. Macky has even eaten  what's left on his Tito Bren's share. Good job mother and thank you for cooking with TLC.


Lea said...

Hmmmnnn yummmy....Mom's knows best when it comes to food.
By the way Rovie I want to inform you that I add all your links to my 2 sites. Sorry for the delay I'm just kind of busy in my peronal life heheheh...Hope you add my links in all your sites as well...just check it out...
thank you..

KRIZZA said...

Hi Rovie! I've tried this recipe before. It's basically the same procedure, just add the pineapple chunks or tidbits just before it's done. It's just a variation of the usual adobo para paminsan maiba naman di ba? :)

Rovie said...

hi leah... thanks for dropping by...i'll be adding your links in all my sites later... just got busy tweaking some layouts and themes in some of my blogs...

@Kriza: nagustuhan ko yung may pineapple chunks parang sweet and sour na rin in a way... hehehe

Nelson said...

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Thanks for sharing!

Ronadelle said...

Oh,this made me feel hungry so suddenly! Thanks for sharing this post, I now have an idea on what to cook tomorrow!


MC said...

Hi, my first visit here. lovin' your site. i will try this recipe for my kids ( :
Keep on sharing. TGIF! xo

KM said...

di ko pa 'to na-try :) thanks for sharing this, rovz!

Charenn29 said...

great post, I really like it. Thanks for posting. :)

Noypi201 said...

WOw! Looks sweet and delicious. Pero parang ang konti. Bitin sakin yan. Hehe. Anyway, nice post!

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