Lunch Date at Greenwich

Just like with most of my food escapades, my dear friend Exper is always by my side in  my most gluttonous time.Lol! When I am tired and stressed out, one of the first best thing I can think of is EAT! So one afternoon, Exper and I decided to eat lunch together at Greenwich - Ilustre.

After the hearty meal, we can hardly think of any thing that stresses us out because we are focused on our bulging tummies.Hehehe... What a happy way to remove stress especially when shared with one of your best buddies.



Cheers to Hubby's 40th Birthday!

They said that life begins at 40... I may not fully understand the full meaning of it but I believe that  it is a "milestone" in everyone's life. So to celebrate Bren's milestone, we (myself, Tommy and my family) prepared a simple  dinner for Bren last Tuesday.

Bren  slicing his cake and his dear friend Tommy on the other side....
Sliced Patotin, Fruit Salad, Grilled Pork Ribs and Texapino Chicken Steak ala Tommy
Whole Patotin, Spaghetti, Grilled Tuna Panga and Vegetable Salad

The meal was shared with a few neighbors and some close  friends since we have already served lunch at Bren's office early on. My husband is already forty years old although he is in denial about it. When asked about his age, he would always answer 39. Lol...

It's okay chu, it is all part of life. I will always love you the same even if you are 39,40,50.... actually until forever. Cheers! Happy 40th birthday Tachu! May the Lord God bless you always.

I would like to thank Tommy for exerting an effort to prepare the Mashed Potato,  Fruit Salad and Texapino Chicken Steak with special sauce and also for the grilled pork ribs served on Bren's big day. Thanks Tommy and Ate Claire. Thank you for making Bren's birthday extra special.



CDO Vacation: My First Dinner Invitation

Days before our  Yellow Cab lunch treat, we were invited by my good friend Lucille to have a dinner at their house.  We were like inseparable because for the whole time that we were in Cagayan de Oro, Lucille is the one keeping me company  and treating me like a visitor all the time. 

An invitation for me is as good as inviting the whole household so together with my sister, brother in-law, Yoshi, Bella , Tita Jing and my sister's house help Sheila, we went to Lucille and Marlon's place to join them for dinner the first Saturday that we were there.

Lucille's very own fried dumplings...
deliciously made pancit...
Grilled Bangus perfect with soy sauce and kalamansi...
Cake for dessert...

Aside from the delightful dinner that they prepared for us, the very important thing about that night is that we get to bond and catch up with each other. After all the eating, Lucille still served us with her famous Tapioca ( it's a dessert made up of milk,cream, fresh fruits and gulaman... only popular in Cagayan de Oro). The bonding as always didn't just stop after the dinner because Marlon and Lucille even  volunteered  to  take us home using  their family car. See how pampered we are? LOL!

Thank you very much Bing, Marlon, Ate Mika and Ate Nonon for all your time and for sharing all your blessings to us. It is such a wonderful experience spending time with your family. A million thanks.Cheers!





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