Lunch at Mandarin Tea Garden

Hubby and I  both love Chinese food. We used to frequent most of the Chinese Restaurants here in the city when I was still working at the downtown area. But now that I already have Bella,  we can only eat out or even go out on a date "when necessary." It means that being on a date is only a side trip to our intended purpose of going out.

Speaking of  "necessary", hubby took a leave from work last week to finalize some transactions with the bank. Since the occasion calls for it, before heading home hubby and I ate the "necessary" lunch at the nearby branch of Mandarin Tea Garden.

I ordered Pork Asado Rice Toppings while hubby ordered his ever-favorite Beef Brisket Rice Toppings. We also added Pork Siomai to our order.

Pork Asado Rice

Beef Brisket Rice


We were so full and  very delighted with our lunch and of course very happy with the opportunity to go on a "date" even just for a while. We did a little shopping  for Bella  and have his cellular phone repaired before going home.


KM said...

good to hear that you and hubby found time to go out on a date ♥ and that pork asado looks yum yum. i wouldn't doubt it, because you finished it ^^

Rovie said...

hahaha... super finished! thanks for dropping by sis!

It's all About Clark said...

First date namo ni Vernz kay sa Mandarin pod mi nangaon..nag lunch mi didto ug mga 1:00, mi out mi ug 3:00 nyahahaha.

BTW: hatagi ko tanan sa imo blogs Rovs..i PM lang sa FB, nya kanang naka HTML format na kay aron dali ra i-add sa tanan nakong blogs. hehe

TY sa visit...daghan ko absent kay busy pa ang life...pa isa-isa lang ako update sa ako blogs. hehe

nag follow na pod ko diri hehe

reese said...

yummy naman ang food niyo!

Ronadelle said...

I and my hubby also love Chinese food! We love Tea Egg,
I hope that you're also familiar with that.


anney said...

Wow! Simot sarap ah! Sawsawan na lang talaga natira. hehehe! Mukhang masarap yung pork asado rice ang saucy!

Good Food said...

Loving this post! Enge!!! Hahaha!

KM said...

hey rovz, i hope you get your PR application approved soon :) it took me almost four years before i was finally called to appear for an interview. gano na ba katagal ang application nyo? just be patient and enjoy Pinas while waiting ^^ all the best sa iyo and your husband and of course Bella baby too :)

KM said...

nabalik ulit dito for Happiness Is. pangatlong comment ko na ito :D hehe! salamat sa pag link up :)

mhie said...

super yummy... looking the foods makes me hungry.visiting from:http://www.travelentz.com/2012/01/alligator-snapper-at-aquarium.html

emzkie said...

yummy foodies! making me so hungry now

visiting from WW! Here's my take for this week..
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wifetoalineman02 said...

yum and delish foods Sis :-) Visiting from Wednesday Whites, hope that you can return the visit too.


wifetoalineman02 said...

I love lunch dates...so sweet of you and hubby to find a time, the foods looks very delish too :-) Visiting from Happines is...hope that you can return the visit too.


raya said...

Mandarin is one of my fave restaurants.. they opened one in Valencia before but it closed down. :((
Thanks for joining Wednesday Whites!!
Visiting as a host and from my entries,
See you again at Wednesday Whites –linky will be up in a few hours!

Rosemarie said...

nagutom ako just by wathing those mouth watering foods, for sure you and your hubby's tummy is very happy,, hehehe.. see you around at http://www.pinaysinglemomsnook.info/personalized-invitation/

Mai said...

hahaha, ubos!looks so yummy! nagki-crave ako everytime i visit your blog. kanina siomai. ngayon naman, gusto ko ng beef brisket. good luck saken.

Mel Cole said...

everything is a feast to my eyes. :) you made me hungry. haven't got our dinner ready yet. visiting from Wednesday whites.

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