Homemade Lechon Manok

Bella has turned nine months last week  and it has been a family practice to prepare a little something for her every time she celebrates her monthly birthdays. Mama and Papa  being the household chefs wanted to cook something they haven't done before. And guess what it is? A homemade lechon manok!

Daddy's finished product! Deliciously made... No need for more sauce!

It was actually Mama who are very excited to try doing it but her hands are full and tied with Bella and Orit whom she was looking after  that time. Papa has no choice but prepared and cook it. It turned out to be so savoury! I never tasted anything like it in a lechon manok.  It is just the way we wanted it to be. Properly and deliciously cooked. Papa actually prepared two whole chicken so there were enough for all of us. 

Aside from the lechon manok, I also cooked spaghetti with red sauce  which we normally prepared during Bella's monthly birthday celebration. Everybody were so happy and so full that night.


Kathleen said...

wow! so pwede na akong mag lechon manok sa bahay. in fairness mas cheaper yun kesa bibili kapa sa labas.

fallenrhainnes said...

kakagutom naman to...

Rovie said...

pwdeng pwde na kath...

sarap nga flo eh... palutuan kita pag pasyal mo dito sa bahay... hehehe

Yami said...

Naglalaway ako sa lechon manok mo. :)

(following your blog too, thanks) :)

Marie said...

Looks delicious! New follower and can't wait for more posts!

Medifast Coupons said...

That is cute celebrating each month, will you once she is older?

RyHeAnNe said...

Wew ang sarap naman nito., I am craving for lechong manok., thanks for visiting my food blog "Weird Treats and Strange Eats" I am already a follower here :)

MC said...

i am new follower ( :
yummy!! my kids love to eat siken (chicken hehe) i wish i can make/cook a home made lechon manok ( :

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