Asado/Chicken/Wanton Noodles Soup

The news says our City  will be experiencing rainy days due to  Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ). Does  this  means that rainy days are here to stay? Tsk.Tsk.Tsk... We're definitely going to experience cold weather, and this made me crave for my favorite soup; the hot Asado/Chicken/Wanton Noodle Soup from Mandarin Tea Garden!

asado/chicken/wanton noodles soup

The hot noodle soup with  Asado cuts, Chicken strips and  and Wanton balls   is so perfect for weathers like this.  I wish to have  my favorite soup  right here, right now. Hayyyy! I can only wish. I  only have the chance to savor  it when I am  in  the mall. I wonder if they already  have delivery service. 

What about you? What do you usually have during cold weathers?


WeiWei said...

I like wanton soup too, malaysia got two ytpe of wanton noodles, one is in soup, another one is dry noodle with a small bowl of wanton soup.

Gigi said...

i just had my cream of mushroom soup today, but i prefer to sip native chicken tinola (chicken soup) during rainy days :-)now this makes me hungry:-( huhuhuhu

KM said...

hey rovie ! following you now :) can we exchange badges, please? grabbing yours now. thanks !

Strawberrychocodahi said...

i like wanton soup too! too bad there is no wanton wrapper around for me to buy here so that I can make soup for hubby.

krizza said...

Hi Rovie! Thanks for following my home blog! Following u here, too.

I love wanton soup also. It's one of my favorites and I used to cook it myself here for my mid day snacks or when I'm staying late at night to finish some works.

Rovie said...

thanks everyone for dropping your comments... been busy lately and wasn't able to update this foodie blog...

Strawberrychocodahi said...

yummy and delicious soup, I really miss this one!

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