Coffee and Crackers: My Buddies

I used to dislike coffee. But when I got pregnant, I have developed this craving for coffee. I heard some people saying that coffee is not good for pregnant women because it can be abortive if taken excessively.  But my day wouldn't be complete without a cup of coffee and that's where my coffee story started.

Since the time that I have fixed my mind on working and earning online, my sleeping habits have changed. I went to bed at dawn most of the time. When I feel  sleepy, I fight it with crackers and a cup of  instant coffee. My husband was actually not supportive about my sleeping late and  my coffee habit especially that  I am still breastfeeding Bella.

I somehow convinced him  by saying that I am just taking  the right amount and I really need coffee to keep me going. Anyway, all  I can take is one cup a day and that's all. My late night online adventures are even blissful having coffee and crackers around.  Coffee and crackers are my  real buddies.   


krizza said...

Wow...1 cup of coffee is not that bad. Do u know that I used to take 2 until max of 3 cups a day? But now...I'm trying to reduce it to at least 2 cups a day. Coffee keeps me awake and energized with the whole day. It's one thing that I can't do without! Don't worry, it's rich in anti oxidants and have health benefits, too. :)

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