Pia Mallows: A Chocolate Company

Who wants chocolates? I think most of us not only want but love chocolates. Last weekend, I was given an opportunity to be with fellow bloggers to conduct a review on the products of Pia Mallows. The company was inspired by the owner's love for chocolate. Kai decided to produce gourmet chocolate herself when she could not found one in her hometown.

Photo Courtesy of Pia Mallows

The birth of Pia Mallows was not that easy. Kai went through an extensive online research and stayed in contact with mentors from Canada and some Asian countries to train. After some strenuous  training and trial and errors on product  research and development, Kai was finally ready to share her happiness to others. Chocolate for her is happiness and with the commitment to being "everything chocolate", thus Pia Mallows was created. 

Goodies  from Pia Mallows are  made from  100% European Chocolates together with the  highest quality of local ingredients. All treats are free of preservatives which only means that it is  safe  to be given to your little ones. 

Gourmet Marshmallows are available in different flavors.  You can choose from Rocky Road, Black and White Chocolate Marshmallows, Rainbow, Orange Surprise (made from fresh oranges), Chocolate Almond and Luscious Milk.
Pia Mallows also offer products such as Chips Ahoy and Oreo dipped in high quality Chocolates from Belgium. One of their bestsellers is the Gourmet Marshmallow dipped in Belgian Chocolate sprinkled with almonds or cashew nuts.

Hmm... Isn't it so mouth-watering? The yummy goodness doesn't just stop there. Included in the long list of treats are Belgian Chocolate filled with delightful ganache of either champagne, peanut butter and Davao's very own, durian. I so love the Belgian Chocolate for the reason that  it has a perfect blend of chocolate and  my all- time favorite durian. The Chocolate Mallows is also very toothsome because of the smooth texture of mallows and the right chocolatey sweetness.

A box of Belgian Chocolate

The Belgian Chocolate filled with Durian is  timely for the upcoming Kadayawan Festival this August. Do not leave Davao without  the  delicious treats from  Pia Mallows. Bring home the chocolate goodness! For orders, you may contact them at 0922 837 2667 ; (082) 3001742 or you may visit their Facebook Page for more details.


reese said...

looooooooooooove chocolates!

Raine said...

rovs ipost ni sa FB page sa Pia Mallows :D

[pinkc00kies] said...

omg where is that available?!

KM said...

parang ang sarap naman nyan. lalo na yung belgian chocolate filled with durian. i'm happy na meron ng mga ganyang products sa Philippines :)

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