Durian Season in Davao

Aside from the  beautiful beaches and Philippine Eagles, Davao is also known for its Durian production. Durian Season  usually starts from   August especially during Kadayawan Festival until October. But I observed that  Durian eaters and visitors during Kadayawan did not enjoy much on Durian this year  because of its low production and high cost. Durian prices last Kadayawan ranges from 80-100 pesos per kilo. 

And now that Durian is in Season, I personally enjoyed and took advantage of it. I buy Durian almost everyday especially when I go to the downtown area. Prices now ranges from 30-50 pesos and there are a lot of varieties to choose from.  Some varieties are Puyat ( my super fave), Arancillo ( second fave), native, COB, chanee and a lot more. 

Arancillo... So Sweet and Creamy...
Along Bankerohan  and Pichon Streets....
At Puan Market
At Bankerohan ( Near Overpass)

Since Durian is in Season, you can practically find it anywhere in the City especially near the Public Markets.  Most of us in the family eat Durian ( including Bella) but my father never tasted it because he couldn't stand the smell. So to all of you who wants to try Durian and but discouraged by its smell, this is how I described it... It smells like hell but tastes like heaven. Try one and you will be begging for more. Believe me because that was how I started eating and loving Durian.


RyHeAnNe said...

Ang daming Durian, btw thanks for the visit. Sorry late visit kinda busy kasi., anyway I can't help you about don'ts and do's ng mga Korean sa food kasi hindi ko naman sila maxadong nakakasalamuha., I think it depends naman sa tao ang pagiging maselan. :)

Have a wonderful evening!

aLgene said...

I love Puyat! As in, you buy everyday? Super nam-nam ng durian. LOL. In fact, i'll get myself some durian tomorrow!

anney said...

I love durian candy! Isang beses pa lang ako nakakain ng fruit at medyo matabang yung nakain ko. Ok lang sa akin ang smell, yung taste e di ko pa na aapreciate at one time nga lang yun. hehehe!

KM said...

uy durian ! sarap sa pastillas :D

reese said...

ay, durian candy pa lang ang natitikman ko, never pa ng fresh fruit

Mona said...

Wow, dami naman nyan. Never pa ako nakatikim ng durian. Swerte kapa reese hehe kahit candy durian hndi ko pa natikman. Sabi nila its delicious raw.

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