Lechon Baboy (Roasted Pig)

My  last night with Sue and Jiwon  before they will go home to Korea are supposed to be spent eating a yummy lechon baboy. Sue wanted Jiwon to taste it but I was informed  a little late.  Although we tried looking for a restaurant in Davao who serves lechon  biik  but we could not find any. That is why we ended up  eating at a  Korean Restaurant.

I know  Sue and Jiwon will be following me through my blogs  so  I purposely add Google Translator in all my blogs for them to easily  translate my posts in their own language. Anyway, speaking of Lechon Baboy; prior to Sue and Jiwon's arrival in Davao I had an opportunity to ate lechon ( all by myself... just giving in to my craving) at a Lechon House along Chavez Street and also during my Uncle's birthday celebration.

roasting the whole pig

during my Uncle's birthday
Regular Serving at the Lechon House @ P50.00
with  lechon's best partner aside from gravy and ketchup... RICE!

Sue and Jiwon, don't worry the next time you visit Davao I will let you eat lechon baboy.  Looking forward to have this one on Bella's birthday too..wink**

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KM said...

hi rovz! sarap naman ng balat ng lechon. dito pag may nagpapa-le-lechon, laging "nahububaran" kagad, kasi lahat yung balat ang pinupuntirya.

nakakaaliw sumali sa mga meme, di ba? :)

Geotayo said...

Tingin pa lang sa mga food photos, busog na ako he he he.

Dito sa amin sa La Loma, dami lechon sa tabi-tabi.

krizza said...

Ginutom naman ako sa pics mo Rovie! Parang gusto ko tuloy kumain ng lechon now kaso wala dito sa place namin eh. hahaha. Dadayo ka pa. Tsaka mas masarap ang timpla ng lechon sa Pinas eh. Parang mura ata ang lechon dyan. I can't remember that we can buy a single serving in my hometown in the Philippines for only P50. That's cheap na... :)

Rovie said...

KM: Ako nga din balat lang kinakain and a little of ribs...hehehe Enjoy nga mag join eh... Sa iyo kaya ako na inspire kasi lahat ng post mo naka link sa mga memes...it's a good way to create traffic and make friends... thanks!

Geo: La Loma talaga ang kilala pagdating sa mga lechon. Diba ba ngabmay mga festival pa...thanks for dropping by...

Krizz: Murs talaga dito especially sa Davao. Ang P50 ko hindi ko pa nga naubos mag isa may uwi pa for Macky...hehe

teJan said...

waaahhh..oh my lechon..hehhe! miss this:) thanks for sharing! visiting back from YS.. actually I have been here when I visits YS last night but I got probs, it did not open so good;)

Katya kate said...

Ouch!! Now, I'm hungry! I only get the chance to eat lechon whenever I go home to Phils. Right now, get contented with mouth-watering photos of yours! :) I'm a new follower by the way :)

Red Rose said...


I wanted to stop by and tell you that I gave you the Liebster award!

Stop by my blog and read about it here!


Red Rose said...

It would help if I gave you the blog link~! Thank you for being fun to read.


Simurgh said...

parang ang sarap!! :)
drippin with much oil! nyam!

exchange links??

anney said...

Ubos sa akin ang balat ng lechon pag yan ang nakahain! hahaha!

BlogS of Hariyanto said...

nice blog :)
greetings from makassar-indonesia

Lainy said...

Whew! Ginutom ako bigla! I wish I could as much lechon as I want to pero sa totoo lang, least fave ko to. Para kasing nakakatakot hahaha. Pero ang balat I can't resist. Lalo na pag crunchy, so yum!

reese said...

grabeeeeeeeeeee! nakakatakam naman iyang balat ng lechon....
ganda ng shot rovie

Jenn said...

p50 lang per serving? Wow, that's cheap! Nakaka-enganyo kumain, pero I personally prefer eating Paksiw na Lechon. :)

Hopping from Food Trip Friday.

Joy Calipes-Felizardo said...

I'm sure, they will love and will forever crave for lechon!
Hope you visit mine, http://www.gastronomybyjoy.com/2011/10/halloween-goodies-for-2011.html

Fe said...

wow...super yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy....namis ko na to talaga :( lalo na yung crispy skin...

rona said...

waaah! nagutom ako sis! pahingi naman! Thanks for linking my 2 blogs here. Alin pala ang home blog mo?


Perfectly Blended said...

yay! that looks crisp.

♥FoodTripFriday♥ said...

Sarap naman ng lechon although kawawa sila while roasting them, lol!

Cecile said...

yum, miss ko na ito :-(...patikim ng balat :-)pls!!!

Chie_Wilks said...

yum yum! pictures palang nakakalaway. Lechon biik? I am sure it taste better than lechon baby kasi younger ang meet..ay, craving now.

btw, I added this blog to my list in these blogs Rovie
Chuchie's Hideaway, The Three Chies
WhereAbouts, Fun and Entertainment
Scrap Collection, Chie's Camera Works, The Black Notebook, A wife's Online Abode

Ron said...

ang sarap neto... hehe... followed and grabbed ur badge po :D

healthinfo said...

wow I've never trying to eat bacon baked

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