Asado/Chicken/Wanton Noodles Soup

The news says our City  will be experiencing rainy days due to  Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ). Does  this  means that rainy days are here to stay? Tsk.Tsk.Tsk... We're definitely going to experience cold weather, and this made me crave for my favorite soup; the hot Asado/Chicken/Wanton Noodle Soup from Mandarin Tea Garden!

asado/chicken/wanton noodles soup


Coffee and Crackers: My Buddies

I used to dislike coffee. But when I got pregnant, I have developed this craving for coffee. I heard some people saying that coffee is not good for pregnant women because it can be abortive if taken excessively.  But my day wouldn't be complete without a cup of coffee and that's where my coffee story started.

Since the time that I have fixed my mind on working and earning online, my sleeping habits have changed. I went to bed at dawn most of the time. When I feel  sleepy, I fight it with crackers and a cup of  instant coffee. My husband was actually not supportive about my sleeping late and  my coffee habit especially that  I am still breastfeeding Bella.


Pia Mallows: A Chocolate Company

Who wants chocolates? I think most of us not only want but love chocolates. Last weekend, I was given an opportunity to be with fellow bloggers to conduct a review on the products of Pia Mallows. The company was inspired by the owner's love for chocolate. Kai decided to produce gourmet chocolate herself when she could not found one in her hometown.

Photo Courtesy of Pia Mallows

The birth of Pia Mallows was not that easy. Kai went through an extensive online research and stayed in contact with mentors from Canada and some Asian countries to train. After some strenuous  training and trial and errors on product  research and development, Kai was finally ready to share her happiness to others. Chocolate for her is happiness and with the commitment to being "everything chocolate", thus Pia Mallows was created. 

Goodies  from Pia Mallows are  made from  100% European Chocolates together with the  highest quality of local ingredients. All treats are free of preservatives which only means that it is  safe  to be given to your little ones. 


Working On It

Hello there!

This  site of mine is still a baby. I still need much time and energy to organize everything here. Please bear with me. Thank you very much.




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