Dinner at Kimchi Restaurant

My Korean friends Sue and Jiwon have taught me a lot about their culture. In their almost one  week stay in the house, I have learned so many things about them which made me decide to study Korean language and explore more about their country. My interest in everything Korean is brought about by watching  Korean TV Shows specifically what we call "Koreanovelas" and of course knowing my dearest Sue.

On their last night here in Davao, Sue and Jiwon decided to have dinner at Kimchi Restaurant because Grace (Sue's former English Tutor) wanted to eat Kimchi Chige. Sue actually introduced the food to her way back in 2006 when she was still doing her volunteer job in KOICA. I got excited because it was also my first time  eating in a  Korean restaurant. 

Bibim Guksu
Japche Bap
Kimchi Chige
Yummy Side Dishes
Korean Restaurant fronting Victoria Plaza
The food was all new to me but I  really enjoyed it especially the Kimchi Chige and Japche Bap. Only Sue ate most of the Bibim Guksu because its chili flavor is just too strong for the rest of us. The dining experience was really fun and very memorable for me because it was my first time eating all Korean food for dinner. The side dishes are unlimited and you can  order as long as you want. The owner are so gracious for  giving us  free slices of pineapple for dessert.  

It was such a super fun night and was   made even unforgettable because of Sue and Jiwon's  presence. It was my first time eating Korean food in a Korean restaurant and definitely not the last.


Spot the Trend said...

oh, mother the pictures make my tummy growl like a hungry lion... xx. i always pass by the restaurant every morning and am wondering if they can be open like 24- hrs so that me and my friends can drop by anytime after our shift?

reese said...

i tried kimchi but i didn't like it hahaha...mapili dila ko eh

krizza said...

I also love kimchi. I used to eat it in the restaurant owned by the company that I used to work before in the Philippines. I have no problem eating Asian foods coz I love spicy foods a lot. Here in my current place of work, mostly foods are spicy and I'm enjoying it much.

KM said...

nice naman at may Korean restaurants na jan sa atin. hilig ko din ang Korean lalo na yung pork bone soup na may Kimchi :D

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