McDonald's Treat

I seldom went out to shop or buy anything in the mall but when I do I usually make the most of it. Just the other day, I needed to go to the  downtown area to pay for our internet bill and since I was already there,  I took sometime to shop and buy some stuff for Bella and Macky. It was a hot afternoon so I stopped by at my fave fastfood chain to refresh. 

And here's what I have for myself.... 

Burger Mcdo (M) and Hot Fudge Sundae

My best buddy Exper was also very full with her McSpaghetti and Burger Mcdo. We couldn't eat  all our orders so we both decided to bring home the burgers.


KM said...

walang McSpaghetti dito. only in Pinas :) kakabusog yang meal nyo ah. complete with dessert na choco sundae *slurp* :D

uy, pa-exchange badge ako sa'yo dito, rovie. i grabbed your badge already and pasted on my blog ^^

thanks a lot. see ya around ;)

Ronadelle said...

Just had McDonald's lunch of Quarter Pounder Burger with Fries and Coke Zero drink!

Here Ms. Rovie and supporting your other blogs!
BTW, I'll be adding your other links!

Come check out my new blog www.athomeakodito.blogspot.com

Strawberrychocodahi said...

I miss Mcdonalds Quarterpound Cheese and Big Mac, bawal kase beef dito sa India, kya yung mga burgers nila i call it Joked Burgers, patatas! kung meron man akong oorderin, chicken or fish fillet ang burger patty, pero not satisfied parin and palate ko :(

krizza said...

Hi Rovie! It's nice to indulge on something that we truly enjoy at times. Me also, if have Mc Donalds here, I would love to go... :)

Thanks for the visit...:)

WeiWei said...

Mcdonald, I love to eat mcdonald too, specially mcdonald icecream. I love mcdonald!

RyHeAnNe said...

I missed eating McDonalds just too bad I had a headache after eating burger, added u already into my blog list. Weird Treats and Strange Eats., please add mine if it is not added yet. thanks!

Diamond R said...

wala lang kasi naman quarter pounder with cheese ang almusal ko ang almusal ko ngayong umaga na kagabi ko pa binili.

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