Grilled Fish with Radish Salad

Every family member in the house have its own specialty recipe. If my mama cooks very well with her own recipes, my papa has specialties on his list too. One of those is turning this simple fish into a delightful meal happily shared by us.

Presenting, Grilled Fish with Radish Salad... 

Healthy and Yummy Radish Salad....
We can't get enough of this. We are not fish-lovers but with how Papa made this recipe, even Macky was asking for more.



wifetoalineman02 said...

yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm the fish makes me drool Sis Rovie :-) the salad looks delish too unsa gani bisaya sa radish d jud ko kabalo :-( Dropping by from WW.


sheren said...

That was yummy. Pahingi..!! hehe Your forth blog and I felt dizzy already with your countless blogs. hehe

KRIZZA said...

Looks yummy Rovs! But I think I haven't tried radish salad yet.
Thanks for your visit! :)

Mhie@travelentz said...

OMG...ang sarap nito...need ko na pumunta sa Filipino store para makakain naman ako nito.

Sam D. said...

You make me drool here Rovs for that radish salad of your papa. The first time I've eaten it was when my former boss shared some of her food to me and I like it. She even thought me how to make it but I forgot now. :-(

raya said...

i am not looking at your photos!! i am so drooling , rovie-- i can't help it! hahaha! kidding aside, i really miss eating these kinds of food! thanks for sharing them. Here for a late WW visit.

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